your story with melinda:

Your Faith. Your Joy. Your Encouragement.

Each week, Melinda encourages listeners to experience the personal stories of faith from those who live their lives with great hope, grace, courage and love.

On YOUR STORY WITH MELINDA - your story matters!

Mary Hunt, Emily T. Wierenga, Janet Parshall, Alex Early, Eva Piper, Andrew Irwin, Elisa Morgan, Kyle Kupecky, Holly Wagner, Amber Haines, April Hernandez, Kathi Lipp, Jessica Turner, Emily P. Freeman, Glynnis Whitwer, Donna Carter, Dr. Merry Lin, Kimberley MacLaren, Anthea Lovatt, Cheryl Weber, Aimee Chada, Moira Brown, Todd & Sherry Stahl, Doris Olafsen, Brooke Lensink, Scott Armstrong, Karen Petersen, Cheryl Boyce, Christal Earle, Sandy Reynolds, Nadine Mitchell, Pat Layton, Elle Pyke, Joanna la Fleur, Sandra Aldrich, Sarah Parshall Perry, David Kinnaman

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